World and Folk Australia approached Fresco Creative wanting a logo for their new music booking agency. After seeing the music industry from both the perspective of the artists and also the commercial touring companies, our client wanted to create a new type of booking company that paid musicians fairly. She also wanted to bring music from around the world to Australia and tour eclectic bands in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, avoiding single-use plastics and excessive waste generated from being ‘on the road’. We created a unique logo for this business, inspired by a little craft experiment of tearing sheets of coloured paper and overlapping them to leave the shape of Australia, which represents the concept of bringing a wide variety of world music to the shores of Australia. She loved this idea so much that our client asked to keep the original paper test! It now hangs on her wall in her office. World and Fold Australia now represent 9 bands and counting and it is revolutionising the industry, bit-by-bit.

“I had the Fresco Creative Team design a logo for my booking agency World and Folk Australia and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better team to bring my brand to life. They were so incredibly thorough in their research and really delved in to the details of my business to ensure that their work accurately and beautifully reflected everything my business stands for. Exceptional quality work and equally wonderful people! I’d recommend them to anyone. Thank you Fresco Creative!” – Hannah – World and Folk Australia