Fresco has assisted UNSW with a wide variety of design projects for multiple departments such as UNSW Institute of Languages, UNSW Science/UNSW Aviation, UNSW Media and Communications and UNSW External Services. 

Fresco loves designing for UNSW, our strength being we are able to creatively push brand guidelines to produce design that is engaging, informative and on brand. Recently Fresco was approached by UNSW Science to design 12 unique graphic panels for their Open Day, again following the UNSW brand guidelines was mandatory whilst injecting our own creative spin to ensure great design.

This design brief was a great example of having to work within the confines of a brand identity or style guide which can be both challenging and great fun. We have also recently designed the 24 page Postgraduate Guide for UNSW Aviation. We were tasked with emphasising this off-site course’s affiliation with UNSW Science department and stay on-brand with new UNSW guidelines and strategy during the branding transition phase. Designed to target pilots, customer service staff, managers in airlines or airports, flight attendants, safety officers or engineers who are looking to improve their careers. We put particular focus on current employees of airlines, airports, and the defense forces. We all appreciate a good challenge and there is no better challenge than the one we face most often – the style guide.