TECO is the market leader for electrical motors worldwide which power the largest machines in ships, mines, quarries, plants and refineries. They are also a global manufacturer and innovator of air conditioning and home appliances. Fresco has been working with TECO Australia and New Zealand since the beginning of the year when they approached us to design some pull-up banners for a company event. The brand guidelines they provided consisted of the logo and colour breakdowns and nothing further regarding fonts, usage or other brand assets etc. Fresco developed a visual language using the colours as a starting point and came up with the wireframe waves signifying flow of energy and information, progress, collaboration and technology. We have also used the motor icon from the “O” in the logo as a gradient filled watermark as another constant branding element as well as creating a standardised font suite. TECO are proponents of sustainability and environmental best practice and much of their collateral illustrates this commitment – through green imagery and icons that represent various aspects of a sustainable future. Fresco continues to evolve the TECO brand as various projects are briefed and executed. The work so far has ranged from signage, pull-up banners, powerpoint templates, LinkedIn banners, photo retouching and even a research project to investigate creating a working light out of a 3D printed motor! 

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you both how happy I am to work with you! Really! We are truly elevating the TECO brand in the market. I’m delighted to have you as my main partners, and Skye, you are fantastic. Now, we are completely in sync”– Alessia, TECO