Souly Foods came to Fresco seeking a simple, uniquely Mexican design. They asked for a modern yet slightly grungy packaging approach for their authentic, healthy Mexican guacamole product that would stand out in high-end delis and grocery stores. As this was the first cab off the rank as far as the range was concerned, we needed to create a design that could be rolled out to future variants like salsa and different spice levels etc. We created the logo to start with. During the research phase of this project we looked into ancient Mexican cultures including that of the Maya and Aztec civilizations.

The chosen designs drew reference from ancient Mayan stone carvings depicting various phases of life – the illustration work was all hand done in the studio by our designers. The mottled black background on the packaging references the volcanic stone that features in Mexican cooking in objects like the mortar and pestle and so forth. We love creating conceptually meaningful and visually interesting packaging solutions like this example.