Fresco Creative was approached by the prestigious Oakhill College for graphic design assistance firstly with their 194 page school Yearbook, then Style Guide and then full suite of Advertising collateral. We helped the school with copywriting and ad content and did the graphic design for their ads. The creative was rolled out across Outdoor Advertising locations and relevant publications such as the Private Schools Guide and Catholic Schools Guide. We have also designed vinyl banners, stationery, email footers, social media graphics and DL flyers to support their advertising campaigns. Oakhill also use branded content (designed by Fresco) on Instagram.

“As far as Open Day response, it has been overwhelming to say the least. We had 4380 register before the event. We had 6 Principals addresses planned (usually 3) and we had such big queues, I had to run 7. We had approximately 3,500-4,000 through the doors on Sunday (1700 in previous years). Suffice to say we have extraordinary waiting lists in each year and are way over catered for Year 2025. Thank you for everything.” – Gabby, Oakhill College