This award-winning annual report for the Independent Transport Safety Regulator was designed with one goal in mind: give vital information the best chance of being absorbed by as many stakeholders as possible. 

As an independent agency overseeing transport safety in NSW, ITSR’s annual report isn’t simply a publication full of statistics and costings, it’s a document that can have significant impact in a variety of transport divisions. We focused on maintaining the serious nature of the information while making the experience of reading it a pleasure.

Through consultation with ITSR, Fresco Creative set out a neat grid system to organise their sizeable content for easy navigation by readers. Next, we translated their data into stylish infographics and tables, giving a clearer understanding of the information being presented, without overwhelming readers. 

These elements were all united by an elegant palette of blue and orange hues, invigorating readers while also resonating with ITSR’s branding. 

As well as the grid layout, we improved the reading experience through art directing a photo series to accompany the text throughout the annual report. The key themes we demonstrated in the photography were activity and motion, core elements of the transport industry as well as a useful counterbalance to the stilling effect of reading text. 

The Report was well received having won a Gold Award at the Australasian Reporting Awards. We would like to congratulate the team at ITSR who collected and consolidated this award-winning report and we are thrilled that our design has contributed to it’s success.