Gaining access to the Australian Grocery Trade can be difficult for international and local brands and companies with new and emerging products. For Australian retailers, sourcing innovative products to drive sales and market share growth can also present challenges. CTD works closely with retailers and suppliers to bring unique products to market. That’s what we wanted to communicate as we approached the design of their brand refresh. The tagline ‘It’s in the bag’ immediately explains the confidence of the company to deliver their promises; meet their clients expectations; to instigate quality retail links. The punchy green shade was chosen to provide a fresh and modern feel. The Omnes typeface with its lightness and smooth curves, provides a contemporary, friendly and approachable feel, whilst also being crisp and easy to read. The simplicity of the website was also reflected in the process of creating it, as it was built from a professional, tried and tested wire-frame that was re-skinned to suit the brand and to minimise setup costs.