For over seven years, we have worked very closely with NSW Police Legacy on their annual Blue Ribbon Ball event’s graphic styling and collateral. We have designed everything for them from press advertising, sponsorship prospectus, silent auction booklet, event booklet design, seating plans, plasma screens, A2/A4 posters, raffle posters, ticketing booklets and web banners. We also provide images assets to help them set up their GoFundraise page for the event, providing a slider and background graphic that ties in with the overarching look.

Fresco Creative designs all the forms for NSW Police Legacy including sponsorship agreement forms, donation forms and day-to-day forms like camp attendance, and forms for a wide number of grants they offer to legatees. When designing forms for this client we pay careful consideration of various factors, including usability, clarity, and aesthetics. Fresco Creative designs forms in a way that assists users to confidently fill out the form correctly by supplying cues and tips, where necessary, to reduce complications with data collection. A high proportion of NSW Police Legacy users are over 65 years old so we take that into account when designing some of their forms. 

When designing their forms we use visual cues to create a clear hierarchy of information. We make necessary fields or sections stand out using contrasting colours, bold text, or larger fonts. This helps users quickly identify and prioritise essential information. We allow enough height and space for hand-writing where needed. 

We sometimes set up forms with individual letter blocks for digital data scanning and collection. We can design digital forms to be responsive and mobile-friendly. We test them on various devices and screen sizes to ensure it displays correctly and is easy to use on all platforms. We always recommend NSW Police Legacy test form designs with representative users to identify any usability issues or areas for improvement. We use collected feedback and make iterative changes based on user insights.

“Fresco are completely brilliant at turning a rough brief into a shiny project. They get it. They deliver. And they’re professional, friendly, and fun to work with. What more could you want?” – Tim Sinclair, Media and Communications Coordinator, NSW Police Legacy