Fresco was approached by the director of Baji Ultraceuticals to refresh their brand and create packaging that reflected the mission of the company – to provide premium beauty products that used unique ingredients, most of them from Native Australian plants. Baji wanted to offer products that were good for you, natural, that were reasonable in price and to be kind to the environment and practice safe production and packaging practices. In response, Fresco created a product that reflected simple, all natural ingredients with a focus on Australia’s vast botanical resources. Resources that have been used for healing by our indigenous inhabitants for thousands of years were our inspiration. The result was a fantastic product whose brand now reflects its quality! It has been an exciting journey seeing the Baji brand grow, and we have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to design the company’s marketing collateral, e-news, stationery and packaging. This project has allowed us to explore gorgeous organic illustrations and beautiful typography.