Fresco Creative has designed and produced the Australian Impact Investments’ annual Impact Report since 2018. Each year this informative report needed to be Aii branded but to also adhere to the UN’s guidelines for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development logos and icons. Each Sustainable Development icon represented a particular target that is the focus of each investment so the two brand aesthetics needed to work in harmony. We created infographics, charts, diagrams and a clear document hierarchy to help Aii present their impact information in an interesting, easy-to-follow and attractive way. We worked closely with key personnel to manage the process, paginate the report and assisted in educating and guiding them on best practice for supplying material and changes. With careful planning and creativity to display information in a way that allows for easy navigation and maximum engagement. This process resulted in a series of  highly engaging reports that clearly conveyed the necessary information and data, through the tables, graphs and infographics. 

“The Impact Report has been very well received – thank you again to Andrea and the team for all the hard work!” – Australian Impact Investments