Fresco Creative has designed and produced the Australian Impact Investments’ annual Impact Report since 2018, producing an informative report, which included infographics, charts, diagrams and key operational information set out in a clear and attractive way. In 2023, the client asked Fresco Creative to carry out a comprehensive rebrand of Australian Impact Investments – from creating a new logo to producing a style guide, website and new look for their report. We worked closely with key personnel to manage the process from start to finish, which included presenting the finished logo design to the whole company. This presentation took all staff on the creative journey from research phase to logo completion, and was received with great enthusiasm and positivity, much to the CEO’s delight. Hearing a full explanation of the new look, helped all team members, most of whom were investment analysts, to understand the new creative direction and equipped them to talk about it with curious clients and external agencies.

After completing the logo redesign and style sheet, we designed a responsive website with WordPress CMS, applying the new look in the process. We also set up a fresh version of the Impact Report in line with the new brand identity. The report concepting was well received and after full rollout, it was finalised with three rounds of checks.

The creative process that we use to create documents such as this, always results in a highly engaging end product that clearly and beautifully conveys the necessary information through imagery, colour, typography, tables, graphs and infographics. With careful planning, a solid brand and creativity, we can display information in a way that allows for easy navigation and maximum engagement.

“The Impact Report has been very well received – thank you again to Andrea and the team for all the hard work!” – Australian Impact Investments