Hump Day Inspiration

November 2, 2016

Its been a few weeks since the inspiring information infusion Louise and I received at Sydney’s Kick. Start. Smart. The Collective Hub put on this event that travels around Australia and ever since Ive been an avid reader of their blog that features articles written by great thinkers and entrepreneurs. Today I want to share a few of the ideas from that day that the Collective Hub have kindly collated and shared for those of us not fast enough at scribbling all these tid bits of wisdom down. One thing that was a stand out for me is that even after 18 years of running my own business there is still so much for me to learn … warning, there’s lots of great learning below and the entrepreneurial spirit is very contagious!

“Something to ponder…

As our opening keynote speaker, Dimmi founder Stevan Premutico, pointed out, there isn’t any amount of ‘good business idea’ fuel that’s going to keep the engine going when you’re working out of your mother’s garage to get it off the ground.

What you really need, Stevan urged, is to know your ‘why’: the reason for pushing forward through the seemingly endless troughs of start-up life. Have a look at Simon Sinek’s viral TED Talk, “How great leaders inspire action” and decide on a few ways you can start or continue your journey right now. Hopefully action, instead of thought, will be your very next step.

Something to act upon…

One of our favourite analogies that our charismatic MC Phill Nosworthy, offered was how the Kick. Start. Smart. environment was really just a gathering of (currently) mismatching jigsaw pieces, with perfectly complementary puzzle parts just waiting to be clicked into place together. This is your chance. Why not give yourself the goal of sending an email to three of the contacts you made on the day? Even if the person you reach out to isn’t your matching puzzle piece, they might know someone who is.

Outside of making business connections, make a few emotional ones by sharing three learnings from the day with someone at home or at work – you never know where that conversation may lead you.

Something to show your boss (or implement if you are the boss)

Think pushing yourself to higher ranks is the way to success? Think again. Competitiveness can have its downsides – especially if you’re a chicken.

Something to read…

Boss Life: Surviving my Own Small Business, Paul Downs

We loved Stevan’s honest account of starting his business. For more sobering insights into the world of building your own business, have a look at Paul Downs’ offering. It’s truly eye-opening.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, David Allen

Barre Body’s Emma Seibold may love ‘love’ but she’s also a stickler for getting things done. This was her suggestion to help organise the disorganised (and bring the organised to the next level).

Augmented: Life in the Fast Lane, Brett King

Remember the discussions about future that Xero’s CMO Andy Lark touched on? Consider this your crash course for what lies ahead – in tech, in your industry but mostly, in life.

The Lean Start-up, Eric Ries

Stylerunner’s Julie Stevanja was open and honest about her shortcomings in business, admitting to audience that she relies on research when it comes to educating herself about being a strong leader. One of her recommendations was this bestseller.

Something to blow your mind…

Phill mentioned someone who predicted the future with terrifying accuracy. That man was Ray Kurzweil. And he’s written best-selling books on such subjects. Mind blowing!

Something to put into practice…

Want to keep both creativity and profit in surplus on your books? Not sure how to price the very thing you’re trying to sell? Or even, how to figure out if you’re making a profit? We reckon Sophie Andrews’ The Creative Collection is a great place to start if you’re bogged down in the financial side of building a business.”