How to Create Strategic Branding to Market Property

November 5, 2019

Any branding agency worth their salt understands that customers are not just buying a product, they are also buying a story that connects to them emotionally. Buyers will be imagining how the product is going to make them feel, how it’s going to improve their lives now and into the future and it’s this feeling (not just the price they need to pay) that determines whether they will commit to the purchase or not.

No-where is this more the case then when it comes to buying property. Buying a home or an investment property is a big-ticket item, but often the emotional investment is far greater than the financial investment.

With the challenges that Australian new home buyers or investors are currently facing (in particular in cities like Sydney where rising property prices are discouraging new sales) property developers and builders need to understand their buyer’s pain as much as they need to evoke a desire. To do this they need to connect to their buyers and engage with them emotionally. There is a real need for strategic branding when it comes to positioning properties and the companies that are selling them. It’s not only about communicating the desirable qualities the properties possess but how they are going to make the buyer feel and how they will make their lives better.

So how do you fill a need for your buyer and how do you create a story around a new property development, new home or investment property?

Lifestyle benefits that come with the property purchase is one factor that can create a strong connection to the buyer. Australians and particularly Sydney siders are no longer just dreaming of the house on the quarter block and hills hoist in the backyard, they’re also looking for a certain level of luxury, prestige, comfort and convenience. Being part of a thriving, vibrant community that’s well connected, having access to a café culture, recreational facilities, and to open green space (or In Sydney’s case living by the beach) are all part of the new evolving Australian Dream and if possible should be emphasised and employed when building the brand story.

The property itself needs to speak of affordable luxury and comfort and should communicate how this property will be a milestone achievement, a life goal realised. If we are marketing to a new home buyer they should be able to visualise themselves (and/or their family) happily living in this property and see and feel how their life will be so much the better for it. Marketing channels that can really draw the buyer in and immerse them in the experience need to be employed. High quality photography and video (walk-through 360 degree panoramic video in particular) is a great way to get the potential buyer to see themselves in their new home and get excited about the space. Creating an engaging story or short video clip around the lifestyle and culture associated with the property is a great way to develop the brand’s positioning. Focussing on location, community, lifestyle, comfort and convenience through story telling can powerfully build an emotional connection.

Excitement isn’t the only emotion branding needs to generate in this market sector, a sense of safety and security in investing in such a large expense item also needs to be communicated.

Social Media that uses reviews and testimonials of happy past buyers are a great device to employ to this effect. The authentic community connection that comes with engaging with Social Media builds a steady network of trust and respect. That said a strong overall online presence is necessary to sell property. An online listing on a reputable platform like Domain is mandatory as is an engaging, informative and well branded website. Building a strong presence with cut through in the marketplace will without a doubt help build credibility and customer loyalty.

That’s not to say that traditional modes of communication should be replaced entirely by digital marketing. Printed pieces that are tactile and that use specials like spot UV and metallic inks, embossing and special stocks can communicate a property’s qualities and brand story in ways that digital media never can.

A powerful marketing campaign therefore needs to employ multiple channels to communicate a strong and memorable brand story that has cuts through in a challenging market. Working with a multifaceted creative agency that can firstly create and develop your brand strategy and then roll this out across multiple channels will help create a consistent, strong campaign that creates authentic buyer connection and engagement. In the end its this connection and engagement which equates to more sales for developers and home builders.

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Triscia Ambrosini is the Co-Founder and Director of Fresco Creative, a Surry Hills based creative studio that has over 20 years’ experience in graphic design, media, print and digital design.  Having worked with many Australian brands, Fresco Creative is  a boutique agency specialising in helping business thrive with their communication, connect and engage in their market.