Food Truck Fire Up – The Value of Investing in Good Design

Have you noticed the influx of the Food Truck scene in your neighbourhood lately? A convoy of mobile eateries, selling innovative produce anywhere from the football stadium, ferry stop or at your local business district. More than providing easily accessible great food and drink, these mobile cafes are selling an innovative concept and story, making your lunch break or coffee grab a sensory experience of colour, sound, smell and taste! The importance of investing in the design and concept of these trucks is as important as the food produce its selling. I’m focusing on Food Trucks in this entry to illustrate that no matter what marketing channel or industry, investing in good design is so important in building positive customer perceptions, loyalty and trust.

In the past 12 months Fresco has been working on concepting design solutions for a range of new food trucks. City of Sydney’s application and approval process is very detailed and as there are a limited number of permits on offer, it is also very competitive!

The approval panel has high design standards in place to maintain top-notch aesthetics for future trucks which improve the vibrancy and night life of the city and enhance Sydney’s reputation. As a result, and to avoid a costly rejection, prospective food truck operators are encouraged to engage a graphic design team to come up with professional truck graphics and company branding to wow the approval panel and be accepted into this exclusive club.

Fresco creates food truck designs that become part of each prospective operator’s bid to commence trading. Each application must follow the council guidelines and provide detailed views of the proposed truck or van. Fresco Creative are often asked to develop the logo and sometimes even name the truck, in addition to providing visuals of the truck, as part of a more extensive branding exercise. 

Keep an eye out for our food trucks – coming soon to the Sydney CBD precinct!