A Holistic Approach to Event Design

Events are a big deal for any company no matter the size, they take up a large amount of time and money, especially if you’re talking events such as an annual ball which generally take up a very large part of the company’s budget for the year, so you want to do it right. Company events need to not only promote brand recognition, they need to be seen as their own lifeforce in a way, something unique and memorable that will spark positive feelings in the minds of all who were involved for a long time after it has occurred.

Whether your wanting to raise money, gain awareness, promote goods and services or spoil your current clientele, from beginning to the end your event needs a clear strategy to get your message across and provide your audience with easy steps to follow, whether they are potential sponsors or simply wanting to buy a ticket, pre event promotion and organisation is a way for potential guests to get a taste of what they are going to experience on the night and what kind of event you are hosting so a strategic approach is imperative.

You want your event to scream quality and look seamless from a design perspective, meaning that when approaching your event collateral you really need to view it as a holistic advertising campaign. When preparing the items listed below, consistency, continuity and cohesion need to be of top priority. Keep in mind that the required event collateral will vary slightly depending on what kind of event you are hosting, whether it’s a fundraising gala, annual ball, convention, trade show etc.

Check List

  • Clearly Defined Theme
  • Save The Date
  • Invitations
  • Web Page Design
  • Booking System Design
  • Booth Design
  • Program Booklet
  • Sponsorship Prospectus and Agreement Form
  • Seating Plan
  • Name Tags
  • Table Numbers
  • Event Signage
  • Web Banners
  • Social Media Filters
  • Thank You Certificates
  • Goodie Bags

Each individual piece of material has its own purpose and value and effort needs to be taken to ensure people know what it is, why it exists and how it fits into the event at large. In this digital age in particular old standards for event design and collateral no longer cut it, from invitations to ticketing, advertising and social media, experimenting with the formats, styles and ideas could make your next event a stand out. You want to spark conversations and further establish emotional connections to your event and your brand as a whole, this makes follow up far more pleasant and exciting for all involved.

If you are looking for some guidance on how best to put together your next event give Fresco Creative a call on (02) 8116 9033 and let’s discuss what’s possible.