5 Reasons Why the Right Package is Important for your Business

Walking down the aisle of a supermarket can be quite an overwhelming experience.  This however, is beneficial for customers as they can choose from at the very least 5 different brands selling the same product. On the flip side, as a business owner, how do you make sure that your brand will stand out ahead of your competitors? We all believe your product has a great quality, but what really matters in this scenario, is how you are going to send a message and establish a great first impression between your product and the customer.

If you wrote your business plan, you have probably read about the 4 p’s of Marketing (product, place, price and placement). Let me tell you, those are all very important; however, the package should be considerate by you the “5th P” of marketing, as it attracts your customers attention and  has a high potential of generating new sales. A study has estimated that 60-70% of purchases are made in store and in such a competitive market, it is very important that your brand stand out from the crowd.

Here are 5 reasons why packaging can change the direction of your business:

1 – Be Noticeable

Having a creative packaging design which is different from your competitors, will not only grab the eyes of customers but also show the authenticity of your brand. The simple fact of thinking outside of the box and creating something original can make people look at your product in a different way (or even look at it for the first time).

2 – Brand Identity

People say that the clothes you wear says a lot about your personality; when it comes to packaging, the principle is the same. The information and design that you include around your package helps your brand communicate with your customers and reinforces the value of the company. Keep in mind that if your brand’s purpose is in line with your customer’s values, the chances of earning their loyalty are much higher.

3 – Inform

Customers are much more “in tune” to what they are buying nowadays. People want to know the impact that a company is having on the environment in our society. Look at your brand and think about what aspects of your product you should highlight. “Is the product eco-friendly ? Was it made with local products? Was it tested on animals?…” If you know your target market, you probably understand what is important for them – so make sure you have this information highlighted on your packaging.

4 – Protect

Back in the day, a product package was created for the basic purpose of protecting the goods and guaranteeing it would arrive safely at the final destination. Nowadays, the purpose of it goes beyond protection; however, it is very important to keep in mind that a safe and practical package should be the brands main priority. Everything else will enhance customers experience (and your sales!).

5 – Experience!

Not everything needs to be wrapped in a tissue paper to make people feel special. One of the first companies who mastered this topic is Apple. Their design is simple and minimalistic; however, once you open it, the elegant and clean look of their boxes gives you that “wow” feeling.

Study your customers, analyse your brand’s values and what your company stands for. From then, think exactly how you want your customers to feel when buying your product.

Creating a smart and attractive package can be a goal changer for your business and Fresco is here to help. Call us on (02) 8116 9033 to discuss your future project.

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